As Iron Sharpens Iron…

Looking through my life I can see so many beautiful blessings of people who God has sent into my life who have changed me.


Some of them have been amazing examples of character. They are so trusting in God that He has complete control over their situation and watching them makes me want to cast aside my worries and doubts and yield everything to Him. Some have been amazing examples of wisdom. They can expound the word so brilliantly and clearly that it excites in me a passion for His word and His purpose. I’ve known some amazing servants who humbly do all they can to give to others and meet other people’s needs.


There is also the reverse of that. Some people can really push my buttons but in doing that teach me patience and to be long-suffering. Through mistakes they can show repentance and teach me to be merciful.


The people around you really do have a profound effect on who you are.


There are plenty of example in scripture of this. Here are just a few

  • Ruth was converted and saved because of her beautiful friendship with Naomi.
  • After being around Paul and Silas in their prison cell and seeing the way they behaved the Phillipian jailer was converted and baptised.
  • How many times did Israel begin worshiping false gods because they allowed themselves to get too close to the nations around them?


God tells us in Psalms 27:17 that “As iron sharpens iron, so a person sharpens the countenance of his friend.”


God is telling us here that your friends will be sharpening your countenance. I think that is pretty revealing how important of the relationships I choose to have are.


Friends (like iron) are supposed to sharpen each other. They should be mutually developing each other constantly to improve the other’s countenance to look more like God’s.


As I thought a little more about this verse I could help but reflect and do a little examining of myself.

  • Who are the people in my life that are sharpening me?
  • Do I surround myself with these people as often as I should?
  • Are there people in my life who are actually having a negative effect on me?
  • Do I behave in a way that sharpens the people around me?
  • How could I help to sharpen other more?


I’m incredibly grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life who sharpen me. My husband, my family, my beautiful lady friends and my ecclesia. I have such a wealth of support but after really meditating on this I don’t think I take enough opportunities to be these people as I could.


I also discovered that perhaps I’m not doing everything I could for others. There are more ways I could be helping to sharpen the people I am closest to.


From this very idea bloomed this blog. This blog is a place where we can encourage each other in studying the word. We can share what is exciting us and sharpen each other’s countenance.


One day soon we will meet our Lord. In that day I hope we are all standing together, having sharpened each other so that we are joyful and excited to meet him. I pray that he will see our countenance as a reflection of him.